In addition to the advice and solutions in the other responses, I 
want to point out that tabbing or "space space spacing" are not 
very good ways to be aligning text in FrameMaker. The "right" 
way to do it is to set the First and Left Indents in the Paragraph 
Designer and to give that formatting a name so that you can 
replicate it wherever you need it. And this advice applies to all 
paragraphs, not just the table tile or headings.  Not using named 
styles undercuts much of the power of the FrameMaker document 

Also, if you're finding that the printed results do not match the 
on-screen display in terms of horizontal positioning, there is a 
setting in the maker.ini file (in the main FrameMaker installation
directory) that can improve matters considerable. First, close 
FrameMaker if it's open. Next, make a backup copy of maker.ini. 
Then open the maker.ini file in a text editor (e.g. Notepad) and 
search for the DisplayUsingPrinterMetrics item, which is in the 
"Font Options" section about halfway down in the file. In a 
default installation this item will be equated to Off. Change the 
value to On, then save the file and re-launch FrameMaker.

My opinions only; I don't speak for Intel.
Fred Ridder
Parsippany, NJ

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hi all,

I have a situation that would seem to be simple, but I can't find a good

In one of our user guides we have a lengthy list of items that I've
placed into a 4-column table. The table spans several pages. The table
is also frequently ammended (entries added or removed), so the length
and relative position of the rows vis a vis the page breaks changes. 

I want to add column headings for the four columns, that are aligned
correctly with the columns they correspond to. I want these column
headings to appear at the top of the table, as well as at the top of
every subsequent page. So I'm trying to use the Table Title. 

However, when I use the title, I find I can't put tab stops in, because
when I actually press the tab key, the cursor jumps to the first table
cell. So in order to place my table headings, I have to set the
alignment on that style to left, and space space space over to a spot
that approximately lines up with the column below, and type my heading.
This works all right (but not great; alignment isn't exact) while I'm
looking at the thing on the screen, but when I generate the PDF version,
the column heading locations vary slightly from the screen version I'm
looking at and don't line up perfectly with the columns. So I end up
having to mess with the spacing, re-gen the PDF (which is a pain) and so
on, until I end up with something that works in the PDF, but looks wrong
on my screen.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Kevin Hunter


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