Did the "Find" on the tag, and it is the first one. Also, to the person who 
suggesting text flow, only Flow A is in use. 

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>Subject: Re: Format A Auto-numbering
>Are you sure you haven't accidentally applied that paragraph tag to a
>paragraph of something else earlier in the chapter? To check, search for
>the paragraph tag name.
>Cheers, Rebecca
>>>> Lorraine Kiewiet <lkiewiet at earthlink.net> 15/08/06 05:44 >>>
>Yes. It certainly is Monday, and I've switched from coffee to iced tea
>and it must not have as much caffeine. 
>The first table is autonumbering itself "Table 2:"  Not Table 1.
>In a new, blank document, autonumbering of tables in Format A and
>Format B is working fine. That's why I think I inadvertently did
>"something" but for the life of me cannot find how I "broke" it. 
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>>Subject: Re: Format A Auto-numbering
>>Well, it may be Monday, but I'm not seeing what the problem is from
>>the original message...
>>Lorraine? Could you give us a couple more clues?
>>On 8/14/06, Lorraine Kiewiet <lkiewiet at earthlink.net> wrote:
>>> I'm using Format A, "as is" from the default. Or at least I thought
>I was. For the TableTitle paragraph tag, I'm using this string in the
>AutoNumbering field:
>>> T:Table <n+>:
>>> Other tables I've looked at, as well as Figure captions, use this
>format for Autonumbering and they are working fine. I'm stumped. I must
>have inadvertently overriden the proper behavior.  I even inserted a new
>table before this one, and it took on #2 and the existing table became
>>> Thanks,
>>> --Lorraine
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