Hmmm, I am making process sheets for circuit board assembly.  
I need a standard format, as all the engineers have to this point been
making their own documentation and now I'm here to standardize it all.  

We are in print right now (MS Word) but I want to be able to expand to
go online with the process sheets eventually. 

A.J. Coots
Documentation Specialist

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This is like comparing MS Word to RoboHelp. Different tools for
different purposes, and optimized for different types of deliverables.
Flare is barely competent as a tool for production of books because
it's intended to produce online help. FrameMaker is great for making
books, but can only produce help with some add-on conversion tool.

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Has anyone compared the functionality of Adobe Framemaker 7.2 with
Madcap Software's (formerly Robohelp) Flare?  

I am trying to decide which one to go with for the documentation for my
company. Framemaker seems to be the industry standard, but is Flare just
as good? Any thoughts?

Thanks! -Aj  

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