Sorry to chime in late. I hadn't had a chance to open all my mail since

First of all, we're talking a bit about apples and oranges. FrameMaker
is a desktop publishing tool while Flare is an online Help, XML-based
authoring tool. The two may work hand-in-hand in the near future. For
several months, I've understood that Flare v2.0, scheduled for release
in the coming months, is supposed to be able to support import of
FrameMaker files (not via MIFs, but actual FM files) as it does for Word

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Has anyone compared the functionality of Adobe Framemaker 7.2 with
Madcap Software's (formerly Robohelp) Flare?  

I am trying to decide which one to go with for the documentation for my
company. Framemaker seems to be the industry standard, but is Flare just
as good? Any thoughts?

Thanks! -Aj  

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