Oof, that really is the hard way to do this, particularly if you've
done any work tweaking the table format (e.g. adjusting column
widths) because all table formatting is lost.

The conventional way to do this is to use the Add Row or Column 
command to add an empty heading row, then to cut and paste
the contents of each pseudo-heading cell to the corresponding 
true heading cell one at a time, then to select and delete the 
original pseudo-heading row. Yes, it's kind of a PITA.

If you have to do this frequently (e.g. if you have a lot of tables
that originated in Word, since the heading row property is not 
imported from Word into FrameMaker), you'd be well advised
to buy Rick Quatro's excellent TableCleaner plug-in which 
(among quite a few other things) can individually convert a 
body row to a heading or footing row with a single command
or can globally convert a specified number of body rows to
heading rows for all tables of a particular format. TableCleaner
is probably the single most useful plug-in I have in my toolbox,
but that may just because much of my content originates in

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At 14:18 -0700 22/8/06, Gillian Flato wrote:

>How do you convert a table row into a table heading row? In the top row
>of my table, when I highlight the row, it says Body cells, instead of
>Heading cells like the top rows in other tables. How do I convert the
>row, or how do I add a heading row above it.

Gillian - there may be a slicker method, but one thing you can do is
convert the table to text, then back into a table, specifying a heading
row and making sure that 'leave heading rows empty' is not checked.


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