At 08:50 -0400 23/8/06, Ridder, Fred wrote:

>Oof, that really is the hard way to do this, particularly if you've
>done any work tweaking the table format (e.g. adjusting column
>widths) because all table formatting is lost.
>The conventional way to do this is to use the Add Row or Column
>command to add an empty heading row, then to cut and paste
>the contents of each pseudo-heading cell to the corresponding
>true heading cell one at a time, then to select and delete the
>original pseudo-heading row. Yes, it's kind of a PITA.

FIM (foot in mouth) here :-( Just goes to show that you can learn something new 
about FrameMaker every day - I'd always assumed that the 'Add Rows or Columns: 
to heading' option wouldn't work if there was no heading to start with. Sheesh. 
Sorry Gillian.


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