> Does anyone know of a plugin or script that will print out paragraph 
> format properties from a FrameMaker document? Thanks.

Systec has a Format List plugin that's great for this. Unlike the Silicone 
Prairie plugin, which puts the properties for each paragraph format in its 
own table-- and then you have to manually sort through them-- the Systec 
plugin creates one large table, with separate columns for each property. So 
it's very easy to scan down a column and find that odd paragraph format that 
still has Times New Roman assigned to it, instead of, say, the Palatino font 
you chose for all non-heading text. Or scan down the list and notice a stray 
paragraph format that has 9-pt type set, instead of 10-pt, like all the 

The only bad thing about Systec is their Web site. It's one of the most 
horrible out there. It's full of dead links, extremely hard to navigate, 
price lists are buried (if there at all) and you may have to click the EN 
link at the top of the page to turn on English, or you'll get German. There 
are several versions of their plugins and the site does an equally lousy job 
of describing them. You can try this link:


Anyway, I'm running FrameMaker 7.1, and show Toolbox version As I 
recall, you download the Toolbox 7.x package. When you install it, it 
installs a few free utilities, and then there are, I think, four optional 
packages you can choose to buy (or not). Package 1 contains Format List and 
other plugins, and costs $89. There is also a new 7.6x version that appears 
to let you buy the plugins individually, instead of as grouped packages. I 
couldn't find prices on the site, however.

Systec makes great plugins, but their Web site violates the Geneva 
Convention for torture.

Mike Wickham

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