At 13:54 -0500 30/8/06, Mike Wickham wrote:

>Unlike the Silicone Prairie plugin...

It's 'Silicon Prairie'. Steve's involved in software, not body part 
augmentation ;-)

A quick plug from a happy user: Silicon Prairie's plug-ins are all *very* 
reasonably priced, come for FrameMaker 6 and 7, and are available for Apple Mac 
FrameMaker too. This last feature greatly endears them to me: we Mac FrameMaker 
users are starved of a lot of really great plug-ins.

Whichever poster described a $10 plug-in as a 'deluxe solution' (Karen?) was 
maybe stretching a point a little.

My only slight complaint is that Steve doesn't send out upgrade notices. But at 
these sorts of prices, it would be unreasonable to expect him to.


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