Rick Quatro wrote: 

> Does anyone know of a plugin or script that will print out 
> paragraph format properties from a FrameMaker document? Thanks.

Paragraph Tools from Silicon Prarie (siliconprariesoftware.com) is one
option. Its Generate Paragraph Tag Report creates a new doc with entries
for each pgf tag like this: 

Default Font
Capitalization: Normal 
Change Bar: False 
Color: Black 
Font Family: Book Antiqua 
Font Angle: Regular 
Font Size: 10.00 points
Font Variation: Regular 
Font Weight: Regular 
Spread: 0.00%
Stretch: 100.00%
Overline: False 
Pair Kern: True 
Position: Normal 
Strikethrough: False 
Underlining: None 
Alignment: Left 
Language: usenglish 
Word Spacing
Allow Automatic Letter Spacing: False 
Minimum: 75.00%
Maximum: 125.00%
Optimum: 100.00%
First Indent: 0.000 inches
Left Indent: 0.000 inches
Right Indent: 0.000 inches
Line Spacing
Line Spacing: 12.00 points
Spacing: Fixed 
Space Above: 6.00 points
Space Below: 0.00 points
Widow-Orphan Lines: 3 
Keep With Next: False 
Keep With Previous: False 
Format: In Column 
Run-in Head Default Punctuation: .  
Start: Anywhere 
Next Tag
Use Next Tag: False 
Next Tag:  
Autonumbering: True 
Number at End: False 
Character Format:  
Autonumber Format: N:< =0><  =0> 
Hyphenate: False 
Max Number Adjacent: 1 
Shortest Prefix: 3 
Shortest Suffix: 3 
Shortest Word: 7 
Reference Frames
Frame Below Paragraph:  
Frame Above Paragraph:  
Table Cells
Cell Vertical Alignment: Top 
Bottom Margin - From Table Format Plus: 0.00 points
Top Margin - From Table Format Plus: 2.00 points
Left Margin - From Table Format Plus: 0.00 points
Right Margin - From Table Format Plus: 0.00 points
PDF Properties
Named Destination: False 
Bookmark Level: 0 
Structure Level: 26 


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