Import by reference is the SOP for most shops, I think.

Much smaller FM files and much easier to update and manage the
graphics (both the graphic files themselves and the FM usage of them).
Also, in general, better reproduction, but that depends on the file

May want to print/review/quote the FM Help section on Importing,
Linking, and Exporting.


On 12/8/06, Gillian Flato <gflato at> wrote:
> Guys,
> We're having a debate in my TW team about whether to use Import by Ref
> for graphics or Copy into Document. I always Import by reference. The
> hardware writers copy into document. Their books take much longer to
> build than mine, and I am convinced that it's because they are copying
> the graphics into the document.
> Am I right, is this what's causing their slow book building process?  I
> have much bigger books than they do, in terms of pages, but they have
> bigger graphics.
> Also, what are some arguments for importing by ref vs copying in? What
> do you guys do?
> Thank you,
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