You simply can not use the $chapnum variable for this - it can only have
a single value in any one file.  

So you have to redesign your numbering scheme to use standard counter
building block, such as <n> and <n+>. 

Depending on how other items number, for example, are heading in the
chapter numbered like 1.1 where the first digit (left of the decimal
point) is the chapter number and the next is the actual heading number,
or tables/figures designated with compound numbers like Figure 2.3
(again, where the left digit is the chapter number, you may have to
modify many paragraph tags' numbering properties.

For a lot more info about compound numbering sequences in FrameMaker,
take a look at my numbering whitepaper at

On Tuesday, December 12, 2006 02:06 PM, obair81 at wrote:

| I am trying to find the right Autonumber format for my 
| Chapter tag. Up till now, I had separate files for each 
| chapter, but now I need to have a Frame book with just one 
| core file that contains all my chapters.
| The Autonumber format that I had been using looks like this:
| H:Chapter <$chapnum> \t
| but that does not work right when multiple chapters are in 
| one file. Each chapter becomes chapter 1.
| I have not been able to decipher Frame's help to understand 
| what I need to do to make an Autonumber format that properly 
| numbers multiple chapters in one file.
| Can anyone tell me where I might get some guidance?  Thanks.
| best,
| Paul

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