I'd try saving each problem file as MIF to clean up the files...

And, is there any chance that the cross-refs are to files that are on
different network drives?
If there's a network glitch or the network drive mapping changes, that
can cause this type of problem. One other thing you may want to check
is file naming... to make sure that there aren't any odd characters in
the file names and that they conform to whatever naming convention
you've told FM to use.


On 2/14/06, pearlrosenberg at nc.rr.com <pearlrosenberg at nc.rr.com> wrote:
> Hi Framers,
> FrameMaker 7.0p578/Windows XP Pro
> Every time I open a certain book in FrameMaker, I get three messages
> telling me that three of the files (out of 17) have unresolved cross-
> references and one message telling me that one of the referenced
> graphics in one of the files can't be found.


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