The unavailable fonts message is probably the cause of your
problem, as suggested earlier by another poster. The message
is preventing the file(s) that contains the "bad"cross-references 
from being able to silently open the file that contains the x-ref 
sources in order to refresh the x-refs themselves. Instead of 
getting an opened file in response to its request, FrameMaker 
gets a warning message that it doesn't know how to dismiss.  
It doesn't have to be an unavailable fonts message; *any* message 
(missing graphic, unresolved cross-reference, etc.) will prevent
FrameMaker from peeking inside the file to update the reference.
And when any x-ref cannot be refreshed for any reason, FrameMaker 
reports it as unresolved; FrameMaker simply doesn't bother to 
analyze the situation in any greater detail. 

If the file(s) containing the x-ref sources are already open when 
the x-refs are refreshed (during an update book operation, for 
example), there is no warning message and no report of unresolved 

My opinions only; I don't speak for Intel.
Fred Ridder (fred dot ridder at intel dot com)
Parsippany, NJ

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Well, I've deleted the old book file and created a new one; saved the 
errant files and their targets as MIFs and then back to FM; searched 
the master pages for unresolved cross-references (none); and deleted 
and replaced the "bad" cross-references. All to no avail.

I do notice that all the so-called unresolved cross-references are to 
only three targets, but the markers in those targets look fine. Also, 
the references themselves are correct (correct headings and page 
numbers cited).

I don't get the error message when I update the book from Edit/Update 
book, nor do I get the messages when I open the files by themselves, 
although I do get a message that says there are unsupported fonts, 
which I know there are not.


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> I seem to recall a posting that suggested that the problem may be 
> caused by the book file retaining incorrect information about 
> cross-references, not that the references themselves are 
> unresolved. 
> The fix I believe was to delete the old book file, make a new book 
> file, and add the files to it.
> >Hi Framers,
> >
> >FrameMaker 7.0p578/Windows XP Pro
> >
> >Every time I open a certain book in FrameMaker, I get three messages
> >telling me that three of the files (out of 17) have unresolved 
> cross-
> >references and one message telling me that one of the referenced
> >graphics in one of the files can't be found.
> >
> >Each time, I've gone into the chapters, searched for unresolved 
> cross-
> >references, and re-applied them. I've also deleted the graphic and
> >inserted it again. The last time I opened the book, I even replaced
> >every cross-reference in the three files, but I am still getting the
> >same messages for the same files. All the other cross-references and
> >graphics in all the other files are fine.
> >
> >Can anyone tell me why this is happening and what I can do about it?
> -- 
> Regards,
> Peter Gold
> KnowHow ProServices
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