I was at a client's site last week and training the clients on our software
and framemaker on the PC.
When it came to distilling the files and creating pdfs that show bleeds I
could not get the pages to cooperate. I went in and changed the print output
from letter size to tabloid and I also changed my distiller page size to
tabloid. I selected show crop marks.
After creating the postscript file and then opening that file in distiller
the pdf page format was still letter size which of course showed no bleeds
nor crops marks.
I use a MAC here and these steps are how I create my printer pdfs on the
Mac. I then can show both the bleed tabs and crop marks. I have not done
much outputting with a pc version of Frame. IS there something I missed?
Client was using Frame 7.1, distiller 7.0.
I use frame 7.0 distiller 5.0.
Scott White
Media Production Manager
AlaMark Technologies
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