This is an aside, but perhaps will save someone some work (and closely 
relates to the topic being discussed).
I have a client who in final pages ask us to reduce the page size by 10% 
to increase white space. Easy to scale to 90%, but that also reduces 
your trim marks. To print at 90% and have trim marks for the full page 
you need to do the following:

(1) print with trim marks off
(2) in Acrobat (7)  go to tools/print production/crop pages and crop 
page to final trim size
(3) use tools/print production/add printer marks to add printer marks. 
Click through the warning dialog. You won't be able to see them yet, but 
they are there.
(4) use tools/print production/crop pages to remove the original crop 
marks and extend the page size. Now the (larger) page size shows the 
reduced text and the proper trim marks for the trim size at 100%.

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Ian Hawkins wrote:

> I think it's a feature, instead of a bug. You need to have the full 
> Acrobat product to make it work properly, though. The full page is 
> being printed, but Acrobat hides the cropped area unless you want it 
> shown.
> After you distill, open the document in Acrobat. Change the crop 
> settings. In Acrobat 6.0, it's Document>Pages>Crop. I think they've 
> moved it for Acrobat 7, but the option should still be available.
> HTH,
> Ian
> Bodvar Bjorgvinsson wrote:
>> I found this out the other day. I feel it is a Distiller Bug. Maybe
>> Adobe feels it is a feature? ;-)
>> Seriously, why shouldn't we be allowed to distill a document with both
>> crop marks AND bookmarks if we really want to?
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