I've read chapter 17 "Conditional Text" of the User Guide several
times in order to find out how I can do the following, but without

I want authors to be able to add comments that will not show up in the
final printed document, but which can be exploited elsewhere, say, in
the online version. Conditional Text seems to be created for this
exact purpose. d like to use a paragraph-level element, "Comment"
which I can hide or show. Authors can type as much or as few as is
required in these elements. Once the document moves to the final
layout check stage, we'll hide the Comments elements by switching
Conditional Text off, and can then make the final adjustments for the
print layout.

Testing this out, I could indeed hide the text inside the element, but
not the element itself, i.e. if the comment occupied one line, hiding
it now showed one empty line, whereas I'd like to not even see that
empty space.

Could somebody tell me if that's possible, or not? In the latter case,
I will be looking for another solution.

Thanks in advance.

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