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> Hello Jakob
> Have you tried applying the condition to the Comment element itself,
> rather than to the text in it? You would do this by selecting the
> element in the Structure View. We do this all the time for some
> elements, and they do not result in an empty line.

Of course, I tried.  And I got the mentioned empty line. Because of
this, we had to design a special paragraph format (height: 0pt,
font-color: white, etc).  I know ...

Anyway, I just tried it again, just to be able to tell you that I've
got the same result, and this time it actually worked!  I don't know
what I did different this time.  However, I'm not sure how I can
actually hide all Comment paragraphs at once and show them again.

I've got the Sourcerer plugin sent by the Advantica people, and it
appears extremely powerful.  I think, I'll have a closer look at it.

> Another option is to define the Comment element as a marker element. If
> you do this, there is no need for conditional text at all. However, you
> are limited to 255 characters, and authors would need to actively search
> for the markers in order to read the comments. A plugin like IXGen would
> make this simple, though.
> Hope this helps.

Yes, thank you.

> Roger Shuttleworth
> London, Canada
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> Subject: Conditional Text in structured documents?
> Hello,
> I've read chapter 17 "Conditional Text" of the User Guide several
> times in order to find out how I can do the following, but without
> success:
> I want authors to be able to add comments that will not show up in the
> final printed document, but which can be exploited elsewhere, say, in
> the online version. Conditional Text seems to be created for this
> exact purpose. d like to use a paragraph-level element, "Comment"
> which I can hide or show. Authors can type as much or as few as is
> required in these elements. Once the document moves to the final
> layout check stage, we'll hide the Comments elements by switching
> Conditional Text off, and can then make the final adjustments for the
> print layout.
> Testing this out, I could indeed hide the text inside the element, but
> not the element itself, i.e. if the comment occupied one line, hiding
> it now showed one empty line, whereas I'd like to not even see that
> empty space.
> Could somebody tell me if that's possible, or not? In the latter case,
> I will be looking for another solution.
> Thanks in advance.


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