It does sound as though the problem in your first attempt resulted from 
not applying the condition tag to the end-of-paragraph character. I don't 
know how you are selecting the Comment element. If you select the element 
by clicking on its bubble in the Structure View, or by searching for it, 
the selection will include the delimiter character and you should have no 
problem. However, if you are viewing element boundaries, it is possible in 
the document window to drag over one element boundary, through the element 
contents and over the other boundary without selecting the 
end-of-paragraph. You can then apply a condition tag to the selected 
content and create the situation you reported.
   I'm not sure what you meant about how to hide and then show all Comment 
paragraphs. Once the condition tag is applied to all Comment elements, you 
set conditional text show/hide settings to do just that.
   By the way, rather than assigning the condition tag to the Comment 
elements as you create them, you can do it afterwards. Assign the condition 
tag to one Comment element. Then select that element and use Copy Special 
to copy the condition tag to the clipboard.  You can then do a global 
change, searching for Comment elements and changing by pasting to apply the 
condition tag to all Comment elements.

At 07:25 AM 1/13/2006, Jakob Fix wrote:
>On 12/01/06, Roger Shuttleworth <rshuttleworth at activplant.com> wrote:
> > Hello Jakob
> >
> > Have you tried applying the condition to the Comment element itself,
> > rather than to the text in it? You would do this by selecting the
> > element in the Structure View. We do this all the time for some
> > elements, and they do not result in an empty line.
>Of course, I tried.  And I got the mentioned empty line. Because of
>this, we had to design a special paragraph format (height: 0pt,
>font-color: white, etc).  I know ...
>Anyway, I just tried it again, just to be able to tell you that I've
>got the same result, and this time it actually worked!  I don't know
>what I did different this time.  However, I'm not sure how I can
>actually hide all Comment paragraphs at once and show them again.

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