At 11:22 am -0800 17/1/06, Deb Hardy wrote:

>Do both of these approaches seem reasonable and optimal? I'm particularly 
>concerned about the logo-replacement issue.

Deb - what you suggest sounds sensible: others might be able to suggest extra 
tricks. One thing you'll need to watch on the one-for-one logo image swap idea 
is the sizing of the raw image. I guess you'll need to specify something, 
otherwise template users will need to mess with image scaling, which will spoil 
the concept.

If you need to handle alternative text blocks, you have two main options: 
conditional text or text imports. Taking the latter to extremes, you can 
construct completely 'modular' documentation. Sarah O'Keefe goes into this in 
some detail in 'FrameMaker : The Complete Reference'.

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