A few quick comments related to the two most specific points you make.

* For company name (and product names, if it becomes necessary), we'll create a 
user variable.

Try to avoid the entire "a" versus "an" issue by planning the writing. That 
means if you write for the Apple market and for the PC market you should avoid 

"If installing on a PC [an Apple] you should blah blah blah..."

Instead, go with this:

"If installing on the PC [Apple] you should blah blah blah..."

By using a 'the' lead to your topic the issue of phrases starting with a vowel 
disappear. You may have to get a bit creative for it, but generally that should 
help a lot.

* For the corporate logo that appears on our cover page and in our running 
footers, we'll give our file a generic name like "corp_logo.gif" and instruct 
the OEM partners to replace this file with their own similarly sized corporate 

My preference is to reference a file named "corp_logo" with no extension. Frame 
can handle it and then the client can use a variety of file types (tiff, jpg, 
eps...) and still see the image. However, if the logo is in a frame (anchored 
or not), be careful that the size of the image is correctly set by the OEM user 
as that becomes the real issue on import. Alternatively, include instructions 
on how to size it.

Hope that helps,


Bernard Aschwanden
Publishing Technologies Expert
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