At 4:01 pm +0000 23/1/06, Mark Barratt wrote:

>Paul Findon wrote:
>>I've never experienced this first-hand because all the FrameMaker users I 
>>deal with around the world are on the Mac, but I understand that the fonts 
>>must be of the exact same type and from the exact same foundry, and even then 
>>there may be differences with extended characters. OpenType is supposed to 
>>eliminate this kind of cross-platform issue.
>You may have different versions of Frutiger, but it's unlikely. More likely is 
>the problem I had when I used to use Frutiger on both platforms: naming 

Thanks Mark: this is all most useful, and has a horrible ring of truth.

>If you are doing this once-and-forever it may be best to go through all the 
>styles on a Windows PC and issue new templates, because of the complexities of 
>telling clients how to find and replace their fm.ini files. Depends on how 
>many users you have.

Not many end users of this template: currently three. Yes, but the problem is 
that I don't have access to a PC FrameMaker installation.

Would not another valid cure by to tell them to uninstall their current 
Frutiger and replace it with a 'clean' font set from the same source as I got 
mine from? Cost is not an issue here really as the client will pay for new 
fonts, and Monotype only charge $22 a face for Frutger.

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