The cross-platform fonts thing can be a PITA. We use the same  
OpenType fonts on the Mac & PC for our template but the PC does not  
recognize one of the variants of Futura Condensed so when we bring  
the files to the PC (fairly rare) the fonts shift. Fortunately for us  
we only generate Help from the PC so the fonts aren't a big enough  
issue for us to modify the templates.

Nevertheless, it is a lesson in the idiosyncrasies of cross-platform  
compatibility ... It is not easy to make it perfect, but technically  
can be done with experimenting.

So, lose the PS fonts and go OpenType. That is the first step.

Hope That Helps.


On Jan 23, 2006, at 1:44 AM, Steve Rickaby wrote:

> When moving a template that uses Frutiger 45 and 55 Ps Type 1 from  
> Mac to PC FrameMaker 7, the recipient reports missing font messages  
> for the fonts, even though they are [allegedly] installed on the  
> PC. Can anyone offer me any pointers as to why this might be  
> occurring?
> I cannot check the installation myself, as it's in another country.
> -- 
> Steve

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