Hi All,

   I have a procedure with some substeps. I want to keep my regular numbered 
list (<n=1> and <n+>) if at all possible, and then add alphabetized substeps 
underneath (<a=1> and <a+>).

   But every time I try this, the numbered list picks up on the alphabetized 
list and it throws the numbers off. For example: If my last alphabetized 
step was b (a=2), then the next number shows as 3 (even if it's supposed to 
be 6, or 7 or whatever) because one step after <a+>=2 is 3.

   Is there any way to make the two operate independently of one another 
while still allowing the layout to utilize the entire width of the page?

   I think this has to do with setting up additional columns on the master 
page, but I've never done that before and don't know the implications for my 
layout (a very simple one).


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