> Numbered list N:<n=1> and N:<n+1>
> Alpha list A:<a=1> and A:<a+1>
> Or you can use 1 series label for this.
> Numbered and alpha list:
> to show numbers N:<n=1>.< > and N: <n+1>.< >
> to show alpha N:< ><a=1>. and N:< ><a+1>.

You don't need a special paragraph format for initialisers ( <n=1> , <a=1> 
).  Suppose three paragraph formats, ProcedureHeading, Step, and SubStep.

Then set up these numbering builders in the Numbering tab of the Paragraph 
Designer dialogue:

ProcedureHeading      < =0>< =0>
Step                  <n+>< =0>
SubStep               < ><a+>

The ProcedureHeading then automatically resets Step and SubStep numbering 
to zero.  The Step then resets SubSet numbering to zero. The first Step 
_after_ a ProcedureHeading will be numbered 1, and subsequent steps will 
increment.  The first SubStep after a ProcedureHeading or a Step will be 
numbered 'a', and subsequent steps will increment.

The article at <
http://www.microtype.com/resources/articles/AUTONUM_DE.PDF> expands on the 
above notion to encompass chapter, section, figure, and table numbering, 
completely eliminating initialisers and allowing all numbering to be in a 
single number flow.


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