I keep thinking of this as a trick question, but it took me a while 
to figure out why! It's a reasonable request to have a different 
appearance for page numbers in an index. Sometimes, an italic or bold 
page number indicates an illustrated item, or the primary entry, etc.

So, why "trick?" Well, why use page numbers at all in index entries 
(or ToC entries, or cross-references) of an electronic publication, 
when clicking a link takes care of the navigation for the viewer?

If the documents are sometimes used in their electronic forms, and at 
other times in their paper versions, then perhaps it's a good idea to 
number everything for consistency.

>I have added a standard index to a book and it works and looks fine, but
>now the client wants to change the color of the page numbers. On the
>reference page I have changed it to look like this:
>\t <Blue> <$pagenum>


Peter Gold
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