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>I have added a standard index to a book and it works and looks fine, but
>now the client wants to change the color of the page numbers. On the
>reference page I have changed it to look like this:
>\t <Blue> <$pagenum>

Don't do it that way.  Just apply the char format itself to 
the IndexIX para on the reference page; don't use the "<Blue>"

>Blue is a character format that turns the text blue. The problem is that
>when I apply the style the hyperlinks are to the left of the page
>numbers, so the page numbers themselves are not active links. The
>appearance of the file is fine. 

Right.  The hypertext marker comes at the start of the para, 
before the tab.  If you apply the format normally, then the
marker is included in the formatted area.  We do this all
the time.

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