Hi Framers,

FrameMaker 7.0p578

I have a 2-column index and it wants to balance the columns no matter 
what I do.

I created the Master page for the index a long time ago and I don't 
remember what I did, but when I view the Master page and select 
Format/Page Layout/Column, FM tells me I can use this command only on 
Body pages. When I view the Body page, the Column Layout says one 
column (even though there are two)and the Balance Columns check box is 
not checked.

The Page Break setting for the paragraph that I want to continue under 
the first column is set to Wherever It Fits; and there is plenty of 
room for the paragraph in the first column. 

Here's how it's set up (I'm including the para tag names bec I think 
they are built-in Frame tags):
GroupTitlesIX - this is the letter at the top of a list of index 
entries ? set to Keep with Next and the page break setting is Anywhere 
It Fits.

Under GroupTitlesIX are Level1IX and Level2IX entries. The pagination 
for all of them is NOT set for keep with next and keep with previous.

Can anyone tell me how to be able to make the column break where I 
want it to break?

Many thanks.
Pearl Rosenberg
TeleHealth Services

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