Steve Rickaby

> Er... just a quick query: you're not trying to go from Visio 
> to PDF so that you can import the PDF into FrameMaker, are 
> you? Because if so, I don't think you need to bother: PC 
> FrameMaker can import Visio native files directly (or so I've 
> been told - I don't use Visio).

Not as a file import -- unless a filter was added in 7.2 without making
it to the new features list. :-) 

You can import a Visio drawing as a linked _object_, using Windows' OLE2
capability. I've done it without problems when I just had one or two
Visio drawings in a book. But I'd be reluctant to rely on OLE for lots
and lots of graphics. There's a huge amount of complexity and overhead
for an OLE object (to make in-place editing possible). 

And of course, OLE is Windows-only, and anyone you share the FM files
with must also have Visio, so your FM files aren't very portable


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