Well, Visio 2003 does not provide PDF (or EPS) as options in the
Save As dialog, so your procedure is clearly out of date.  It seems
that when Microsoft took over Visio they decided to finally remove 
the chronically broken EPS export filter that Visio users had 
suffered with for so long, and Save As PDF apparently went the
same route (if it ever existed in Visio to begin with) since neither
file format is a Microsoft invention. 

You can certainly *print* Visio to PDF if you have Acrobat, but 
at that point you're probably better off importing the PDF into 
FrameMaker rather than converting it to EPS because you'll 
get a better on-screen display. Converting PDF to EPS before 
importing used to be a requirement in older versions of FrameMaker 
(5.5.6, IIRC) which didn't import PDF correctly. But for current 
versions, importing PDF is no problem and that approach has 
the potential advantage of being able to contain multiple pages 
in one PDF as opposed to one file per image for EPS. 

My opinions only; I don't speak for Intel.
Fred Ridder (fred dot ridder at intel dot com)
Parsippany, NJ

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Here is the procedure I pulled off this list years ago. It's been
sitting either in, on, under, or behind my desk for what seems like
forever. Does it still hold true with the current software out there?

"1. Save the file in Visio as a PDF.
2. Open the PDF in Acrobat.
3. Save the Acrobat file as and EPS, with TIFF preview/fonts embedded.
4. Import the EPS into FrameMaker.
Note: The image may look fuzzy in FM when imported. Remember, this is
the TIFF preview, not the printed page."

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FrameMaker does NOT have the ability to import "Visio native
files." It does have the ability to use OLE (object linking 
and embedding) links to such a Viso document file, but that
requires that Visio be installed on the system that runs
FrameMaker. Also, OLE is notoriously unreliable.

        - Dov

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