At 09:49 -0600 28/6/06, Combs, Richard wrote:

> > Er... just a quick query: you're not trying to go from Visio
>> to PDF so that you can import the PDF into FrameMaker, are
>> you? Because if so, I don't think you need to bother: PC
>> FrameMaker can import Visio native files directly (or so I've
>> been told - I don't use Visio).
>Not as a file import -- unless a filter was added in 7.2 without making
>it to the new features list. :-)
>You can import a Visio drawing as a linked _object_, using Windows' OLE2
>capability. I've done it without problems when I just had one or two
>Visio drawings in a book. But I'd be reluctant to rely on OLE for lots
>and lots of graphics. There's a huge amount of complexity and overhead
>for an OLE object (to make in-place editing possible).

Ah - sorry: that must be what I was remembering. From an April thread...

At 10:53 -0600 27/4/06, Linda G. Gallagher wrote:
>I know that folks will likely tell you that it's not the recommended way,
>but I have embedded Visio objects into a couple of FM books successfully. I
>learned about it from another list member (John, are you out there?), and it
>has been fine.

At 10:01 -0700 27/4/06, Hales-Crotchett, Nicole wrote:
>For what it's worth, I haven't had any troubles either embedding Visio
>objects and I've done it numerous times in several books.

At 10:03 -0700 27/4/06, Jim Light wrote:
>I have Visio 2003 (SP2) and it allows me to export as tif, gif, png. You
>can check to see if the quality is a problem, but you don't have to do
>that at all, really. You can import the vsd file as an object into
>Click File > Import > Object.
>In the Insert Object dialog, Select Create from File.
>Browse to the vsd file , check the Link check box (if you want it to
>update dynamically and then Click OK.
>I have Frame 7.2. When I right-click on the Visio object, the bottom of
>the right-click menu has a choice called "Linked Visio Object" and the
>two sub menu items are Edit and Open.
>If I double-click the embedded Visio object it opens it in Visio.

>And of course, OLE is Windows-only, and anyone you share the FM files
>with must also have Visio, so your FM files aren't very portable


FWIW, I had have painful experience of the 'quality' (I use the term loosely) 
of exports from Visio in non-M$ formats (i.e. anything portable). My preferred 
method would now be to create a PDF from Visio and import that into FrameMaker. 
But then, I work on a Mac...

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