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>Our new editor wants to add the word "and" to such statements - if <blah, 
>blah>, AND then <blah, blah>. Both I and the other writer disagree with the 
>editor on this one - it should be just if/then - no "and."

Boy are you going to have fun with your new editor.

If/then and If/then/else or If/then/eiseif/else have been the constructs in any 
programming language that I can remember working in. 'If/and then' introduces 
an element of confusion, as if the 'and' clause is a second 'if' condition, as 
in 'If A happens and then B, then C happens'. In hardware logic, this is the 
logic of an AND gate, which has the truth table:

A       B       Out

0       0       0
0       1       0
1       0       0
1       1       1

In other words, the output is only high if inputs A and B are high. What you 
want is the logic of a Yes gate (I just made that up), i.e. a straight piece of 

Input   Output

0       0
1       1

I.e. If input high, then output high.

Even more, 'if/and then' introduces a misleading temporal element, as if the 
result only occurs if the second condition occurred after the first.

What's his/her background? Cleanly not electronics or programming. Or editing, 
for that matter.

For references, just use the formal definitions of any high-level programming 
language, plus a good grammar book. If that's not enough, search in the works 
of any of the major professional communicators (Tufte?)

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