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>Thanks, Jeremy. Question...does the ini "snip" require any header


>or the bracketed heading of the section

Yes.  It follows exactly the same rules as any other .ini.

>or can I just include a single line and that will get referenced. 

No.  How would it know which section was intended?  ;-)
Many settings are valid in more than one, for different

>For example, for the settings:
>;DCL .ini file created Thu Mar 02 10:01:51 2006
>; for C:\Documents and Settings\John Posada\My
>can I just use gif=bmp 


>or must I include the [GraphFiles] part also


>do I need to include the header portion with the ;

No.  Comments are never necessary, and in fact it's
better to omit them when possible for improved speed.

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