Jeremy...something odd.

I'm using the setting 

I'm preconverting all the gifs to bmp and placing them in the target
directory. For the most part, everything converts fine


any images where I've added callouts in FM, when I convert, I get a
frame and I get the callouts, but the image behind the callouts is
not incorporated. I get callouts floating in an empty frame.

Is this a setting I should be making? 

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> wrote:
> >I'm trying to convert 15 books to Word using MIF2GO. A recent
> feature
> >added to M2G is the ability to place a path in the INI to variable
> >changes so that instead of making changes in each INI, the path
> >brings them in to the default ini.
> Yes, we use that ourselves constantly.  You can chain these
> references too...  ;-)
> >I've been unable to find how to implement this in the help. Can
> >someone point me to the topics or give me the steps that implement
> >this?
> It's in the Automation chapter, in par. 27.2, "Importing settings 
> from configuration templates".  Basically, you make an .ini
> file that has the settings you want your config template, give
> it a new name, and reference it in:
>   [FDK]
>   ; ConfigTemplate = path to configuration template file
>   ConfigTemplate=D:/path/to/MyTemplate.ini 
> Any settings in your mif2htm.ini (or mif2rtf.ini) will override
> the settings in your config template, so you will want to strip
> your local .ini down to the minimum you need in it.  Par. 27.2.1
> gives the details on which settings to use where.

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