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>I'm using the setting 
>I'm preconverting all the gifs to bmp and placing them in the target
>directory. For the most part, everything converts fine
>any images where I've added callouts in FM, when I convert, I get a
>frame and I get the callouts, but the image behind the callouts is
>not incorporated. I get callouts floating in an empty frame.

That's what happens when we can't find the .bmp to incorporate
in the .wmf we create.  But if you put them in the output dir,
and they have the same names as the original .gifs (but a .bmp
extension), we should see them and bring them in.  We'd need to
see a test case (per User's Gude Appendix D) to figure out why 
this is happening.  For example, if you are clearing the output
dir at the start of conversion, the graphics might be removed
before they can be used.  In that case, put the .bmps in the
same dir as the original .gifs, and we'll find them there.

Another alternative is to check "Write for anchored frames" in
the Export dialog, in which case we'll write a single WMF for
each frame using Frame's graphic export filters.  However, the 
print quality of the image will not be as good by this method.

I'm not sure that we should continue copying the list on all
this, as it's getting real specific to your setup.

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