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>Hi Guys,
>Another potentially stupid question but here it goes anyway.

It's a perfectly valid question.

>Is there a way of completely customise bullet points in FrameMaker to
>the extent of making the actual bullet (but not the text that follows)
>larger and also to widen the distance between bullet and text that

Bullets are managed by the Numbering format portion of a paragraph's 
format. You use a defined character format to apply the settings for 
font, size, and other attributes. You may need to consult the 
FrameMaker Character Sets PDF file in the OnlineManuals directory of 
your FM installation, to identify the keystroke codes or letter or 
character you need to enter the autonumber format box, to crate the 
particular bullet appearance.

In FrameMaker Help, search for bullet, and read the topic Formatting 
text as bulleted lists.

Also, search sGoogle for framemaker custom bullet


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