Further to Grant's reply:

You can use any font for your character format. Then in the paragraph
designer, Numbering tab, specify the character format you want to use.

For example:

1. Define a character format called ZapfDingbats. In it you can specify
the font and the size.
2. Place your insertion point in a bulleted paragraph and open the
paragraph designer.
3. Select the Numbering tab and set the character format to
4. In the Autonumber format field, type the character you want to use as
the bullet. For example, if you type u and the char format is
ZapfDingbats, you will get a diamond-shaped bullet. As Grant said, you'd
also need to add a \t (tab), so it would be u\t.
5. Select Update All.

Hope that helps.


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Define a new Char Tag with the font & size you want 
Use the "numbering" function of your Bullet Para Tag to define the
character used. 
Specify the Character Format to be your new Char Tag.
You can use the properties of the Char Tag to tweak the Bullet
To adjust the spacing between the bullet and the Text, adjust the first
tab setting.
(this assumes that your autonumber format uses "\t" after the bullet

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Hi Guys, 

Another potentially stupid question but here it goes anyway.

Is there a way of completely customise bullet points in FrameMaker to
the extent of making the actual bullet (but not the text that follows)
larger and also to widen the distance between bullet and text that

Many thanks again

Kind regards


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