At 09:39 -0500 3/3/06, Roger Shuttleworth wrote:

>Further to Grant's reply:
>You can use any font for your character format. Then in the paragraph
>designer, Numbering tab, specify the character format you want to use.

Further to further, if you go a long way down this route, for example using a 
different point size for bullets than for the text to get fashionably large 
ones, you can end up with a baseline alignment issue (i.e. bullet looks lower 
than text).

Baseline shifts cannot be adjusted within FrameMaker, but they can be adjusted 
from MIF. Page 595 of Sarah O'Keefe's 'FrameMaker 7, The Complete Reference' 
describes how to do this: you need to create a MIF fragment that specifies a 
character format that includes an <FDY offsetvalue> token, where 'offsetvalue' 
is between -100 to +100.

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