At 10:45 -0500 5/3/06, Wollenberger, David wrote:

>I am trying to create a FrameMaker template that simulates a Word
>template. In the Word template, there is a bullet style that uses an
>image of a mouse as the bullet.  I am hoping I can find it in a font
>set. I have looked at all of the Wingdings, Webdings, zapfdingbats,
>symbol, cannot find it.
>Does anyone know the font for this image and where it can be downloaded?

No, but I know a font site that would give you a good chance of finding it: 
<>. Go to Dingbats -> Animals and search there.

Failing that, the Bingo font has a creditable mouse:


If that's no good (it looks a bit gormless, definitely not a mouse with 
attitude), just search under animals with any on-line font foundry, such as 
<hht://> or <>. There are a lot of animal 
fonts out there.

Happy mousing ;-)

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