At 08:47 -0500 6/3/06, Anne Robotti wrote:

>Does anyone know what if any licensing issues might arise if I bought
>the font, tweaked that pushpin with some color, etc, and used it as an
>"Info" graphic? Or if I buy the font can I do whatever I want with it?

To the last, almost certainly 'no'. Font license terms vary a lot, but one 
thing you certainly don't get is the right to do whatever you like with a font. 
The most general set of restrictions (from the main font houses) confine your 
use to one site, <n> users (often 5), no modification, no reverse engineering, 
no distribution.

Of course, these might be relaxed in the case of a 'novelty' font, but fonts 
are copyright just like any other artistic creation.

Here are URLs for sample license terms from Monotype and Linotype:




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