You can manually reset numbering in Acrobat, but you have to remember to
do it. Any manual step you have to remember to do is bound to be

You can use PageLabeler, but it costs money. Not every tech writer is in
a position to buy the tools he or she needs.

You can use hyperlinks if the reference is from the same book (and you
*should*). But you're not always in total control of the outside
cross-reference to your book.

Most of the time, I can come up with good reasons for a decision,
result, or process that seems "stupid". I'm always looking for better
ways to do something, but I hesitate to call other ways "worse". Someday
somebody is going to call my ways "stupid", and perhaps they'll be
right. Nonetheless, I won't like it. Likewise, I try to offer good new
ways to do something and let the old ways speak for themselves. *Try* is
the operative word here, I ain't perfect!

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Count me among those who think continuous numbering with a change in
format makes no sense. It strikes me as completely stupid,
counterintuitive, and guaranteed to confuse. 

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