> But, as Peter implied, I'm more interested in this as an entertaining
> examination of the standard and not as a solution to David's problem.
> That's why most of my message was an aside. I agree with Peter that FM
> ought to provide the ability to separate page sequences from page
> sequence formatting.

Well, I'm not really following the whole "this makes no sense but Frame
should do it anyway" debate, but I just wanted to mention to David that
you can, in fact, do this.

There are a couple of caveats:

1. You can only change the numbering format in consecutive chapters, at
the beginning. It might work for the end, but I didn't try it.
2. If you do any chapter after the TOC, I think it will screw up your
numbering for the TOC.
3. I still have no idea why you'd want to do it.

But anyway, here's how:

1. Set the Numbering properties for the book as follows:

        Title Page: First Page 1, Arabic
        All other chapters including TOC, Continue Numbering, Arabic

2. Update the book.

3. Update the Title Page numbering to First Page 1, roman i

4. Update the TOC numbering by deleting the number in the Start on Page
box, changing the numbering style to roman i and checking the "continue
from prev" checkbox.

5. Print the book.

It's klunky as hell, but it does work.



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