Karyn Hunt wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm drawing a blank and the help system isn't readily giving me the
> info I need. I'm sure the info is there, I just can't find it and I'm
> in a hurry...
> I have a template TOC with leader lines and a tab setting of 6.375.
> I've just generated the TOC for a new book but 1) the leader lines
> aren't there and 2) the file is ignoring the tab set and putting the
> page numbers flush left to the chapter title text. I've imported the
> template formats into the new TOC several times but it's not picking
> up on the leader lines or the tab stop. (It's getting the font, font
> size and indent right, but losing the info about the leader lines and
> tabs.)
> What am I doing wrong? Where are my leader lines? And how can I get
> them back either a) automatically or b) manually? Are leader lines
> set in the paragraph designer? The format designer? The reference
> page? (In which case I'm sunk b/c I don't know diddly about how to
> set up reference pages.)
> I'm on FrameMaker 7.1 with Windows XP and the lone writer in a small
> shop with godawful deadlines and a patch due out this week.


Chances are you're just missing tab characters on your TOC reference 
page. The pgf tag may have a tab stop set, but if there's no typed tab 
character, nothing moves.

View > Reference Pages
Watch the status bar and scroll until you're on the TOC reference page.
View > Text Symbols
Make sure there's a tab symbol inserted between <$paratext> and 
<$pagenum> in each TOC pgf. (Again, watch the status bar to see which 
pgf type your cursor is in.)


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