If your TOC template is exactly the way you want it, use the following "down
and dirty" way to create your TOC with the correct format.

1. Generate the TOC for the document.
2. Save the TOC and close it.
3. Open the TOC template file.
4. File > Save As, overwrite TOC generated in step 1.
5. Update the TOC.

Karen L. Zorn
Zorn Technologies, Inc.
Mesa, AZ

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Hi All,

   I'm drawing a blank and the help system isn't readily giving me the info
I need. I'm sure the info is there, I just can't find it and I'm in a

   I have a template TOC with leader lines and a tab setting of 6.375. I've
just generated the TOC for a new book but 1) the leader lines aren't there
and 2) the file is ignoring the tab set and putting the page numbers flush
left to the chapter title text. I've imported the template formats into the
new TOC several times but it's not picking up on the leader lines or the tab
stop. (It's getting the font, font size and indent right, but losing the
info about the leader lines and tabs.) 

   What am I doing wrong? Where are my leader lines? And how can I get them
back either a) automatically or b) manually? Are leader lines set in the
paragraph designer? The format designer? The reference page? (In which case
I'm sunk b/c I don't know diddly about how to set up reference pages.)

  I'm on FrameMaker 7.1 with Windows XP and the lone writer in a small shop
with godawful deadlines and a patch due out this week.


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