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At 1:31 PM -0800 3/20/06, Karyn Hunt wrote:
>After trying several suggestions from the wonderful folks on this 
>list, I finally noticed something: The "apply master pages" checkbox 
>wasn't checked in the "update book" dialogue. So that appears to 
>have been the problem.
>Geez Louize, it took 1.5 hours to figure that out. What a waste of 
>an hour and a half. But a learning experience nonetheless. I won't 
>let that one slip by again. (The lessons learned hardest are always 
>the lessons learned best, huh?)

The lesson isn't that Apply Master Pages was unchecked, even if it 
seems to solve the problem in this document set.

The reason is that Apply Master Pages needs to be set up in the 
document set. If it isn't set up, or is set up incorrectly or 
incompletely, it won't apply the master page that apparently was 
required to make your file act as expected.

The cause of the misbehaving tabs and tab stops is that the master 
page for the generated file wasn't the correct one. It could be 
applied manually with Format > Page Layout > Master Page Usage.

IMO, the real lesson is that it's a process documentation issue. 
There should be a style guide, document procedure, or check list that 
indicates that the generated file body pages need particular master 
pages, and that Apply Master Pages needs to be enabled for this 
document set, to assure that book updates work correctly without 
additional author effort.

1.5 hours spent on this lesson is worthwhile; it should pay back with 
future savings.

Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

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