Have you tried rebooting?  The behavior you describe happened to a 
colleague recently but went away when he rebooted.

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Subject: Weird, sudden problem distilling postscript files

Framemaker 7.1p116, Windows XP (with all patches), Adobe distiller
Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0.7

I have been using this setup to successfully create post-script files
Framemaker source files and then distilling the postscript files into
for quite a while now. When I create postscript files, I use watched 
folders, the Adobe PDF printer, and my job options are standard with the

first page to open at the Default Zoom level, page size 8.5 x 11. All of
sudden, any and every PDF I create this way is beyond hosed.  Each PDF 
opens at some gi-normous magnification (like 2000%) and the graphics are

completely non-readable. If I set the magnification in Adobe Acrobat to 
125%, then I get a string of really tiny pages.  So . . .. I had two 
colleagues take the same source files and create a PS file and then 
distill it into a PDF using Acrobat distiller/Acrobat Professional 6.0
their PDFs are fine - 

and if I use their postscript files on my system, I have no problems 
creating a PDF - so obviously something has gone violently and suddenly 
wrong with my Framemaker installation/Adobe PDF printer, right but what,

and how?

I am stumped.



Tammy Van Boening
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