I don't know how to do that, but you might want to do each one individually
so you can use search and replace.

If you find your first F1, fix it to <F1> with proper formatting, and then
copy it to the clipboard, you can use Change <By Pasting>, and click through
with Change & Find.

Yes, you'll have to redo it for all the keys, but I think that will be
faster than finding any function key, manually fixing the formatting, then
finding the next key. At least, with my typing/mouse habits, it would be
faster for me. :-)

Of course, if you have a bunch of different font styles, this won't work.

Just a suggestion,


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I need to format all mentions of function keys (F1, F2...F11, F12) with bold
and enclose them in less than/greater than signs, such as <F1>.  I also need
to do this for the <Enter> key, and any other key on a keyboard.

Is there a way to have Frame search for any instance of the capital letter F
that is located next to a number?  Using a simple wildcard finds instances
where F is next to a letter, such as FUBAR, so I need something more than a
simple wildcard.



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