At 11:31 AM -0600 3/28/06, Doug wrote:
>I need to format all mentions of function keys (F1, F2...F11, F12)
>with bold and enclose them in less than/greater than signs, such as
><F1>.  I also need to do this for the <Enter> key, and any other key
>on a keyboard.
>Is there a way to have Frame search for any instance of the capital
>letter F that is located next to a number?  Using a simple wildcard
>finds instances where F is next to a letter, such as FUBAR, so I need
>something more than a simple wildcard.

 I'm not sure if Frame supports all of regular expressions, but it does at 
least this much. If you look for "F[1-9]" (minus the quote marks) you'll find 
what you want. This is the same string you'd feed grep to find it.

In the worst case, if you can't find what you're looking for in a Frame binary 
with Frame's find, you can save to MIF and use any text processor or the 
command line to grep the file for any kind of string you want. MIF can 
complicate it a bit, but it's doable.

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