I can vouch for this script, it is works beautifully.  

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Hi Rene,

I have a FrameScript script that does this. Contact me offlist if you are
interested. Thanks.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> Hi All,
> Some time ago, it seems I remember someone discussing a handy little 
> FM plugin that would allow you to remap cross-reference formats en 
> masse, much in the way that SPS Character/Paragraph Tools functions, 
> with a source tag mapped via a table to a destination tag. It seems in 
> the discussion that mention was made of being able to use the same 
> tools to remap marker types...? However, I've slept since then (albeit 
> very little), and am henceforth unable to recollect any further 
> details of such handy little plugin. :-\  I tried searching the 
> archives and my own stash of FrameUser strings, but I've come up empty
> Can someone out there please refresh my fuzzy memory?
> Thanks!
> Rene Stephenson


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