Hi John.

I was playing with this the other day. The formatting for the TOC is set 
up in the reference pages; and if you want the page number, or whatever 
it is to right align, then you must set up a tab stop for that 
particular TOC paragraph format in the reference pages. So, for example, 
if the paragraph format your TOC is representing is Heading1, then this 
should be manifest within the TOC as Heading1TOC. You can access and 
change this in the reference pages, using the paragraph editor to set up 
exactly how it should appear. And when your toc is generated it will 
copy the setup in the reference pages.

Maybe I am being to basic here John. But if you tell me exactly how it 
is and where it is you are trying to edit your TOC, then I can maybe 
help you a bit more.


Nathan Cullen

John Posada wrote:
> Hi, guys...I need to make a recomendation to my writing team next
> week on the best way to address some TOC rough edges.
> Let me explain. Right now, we include a section number <$paranum>,
> the text <$paratext>, and a page number <$pagenum> on the TOC
> reference page. 
> What I'm trying to address is when a TOC goes to a second line, the
> page number would not right align, but only move to the next tab
> position.
> The way they were doing it was to manualy press the tab key to move
> things around. Their definition on the Reference page looks like:
> <$paranum>     >    <$paratext>   >    <$pagenum>
> The first thing that I did was to change the manual tabs to the tab
> character \t
> It then looked like:
> <$paranum>\t<$paratext>\t<$pagenum>
> The problem is it still doesn't move the page number to the right.
> So, I added a pair of \t\t
> <$paranum>\t<$paratext>\t\t<$pagenum>
> which now does what I want. If the TOC entry is one line, no impact.
> If the TOC entry is two lines, the page number still right aligns.
> This is what I want.
> However...I'm interested in other ways of doing this. If anyone has a
> more gracefull way of addressing it, I'd be interested in hearing
> about it.
> Thanks
> John Posada
> Senior Technical Writer
> "So long and thanks for all the fish."
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