> <$paranum>\t<$paratext>\t\t<$pagenum>
> which now does what I want. If the TOC entry is one line, no impact.
> If the TOC entry is two lines, the page number still right aligns.
> This is what I want.
> However...I'm interested in other ways of doing this. If anyone has a
> more gracefull way of addressing it, I'd be interested in hearing
> about it.

I don't know if it's more graceful, but I use a run-in paragraph for 
<$chapnum> and a separate in-column paragraph for the rest. This puts 
everything on the same line (if it fits), but allows the page number to have 
its own left indent and tab stop settings. A single right-aligned tab stop 
then works whether the TOC entry flows to one line or two.

Mike Wickham

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